Top 15 secret features in iOS 10

iOS 10 finally here after months and months of beta, with a huge update. Particularly, Apple has placed away several tiny features that you won’t be able to experience immediately.

We have got a list of hidden features in iOS 10 for you, if you want to amaze your friends with your mad iOS skills.

To unlock your phone: Keep your thumb



Apple is planning to change the default behaviour of home screen button with the updates iOS 10. For unlocking your phone, you have to press down the home button to trigger Touch ID.

If you don’t like this new change & want to set it back to iOS 9 behaviour. You can do it by going to the Settings app, then Accessibility, and then Home Button.

“Delete” the default apps


You must be having a folder with all the default Apple apps which you no longer use. The solution to this stretched nation-wide nightmare is going to be over, as you can now delete the default apps — sort of.

Just long press on an mobile app &press the tiny “x” like we do for other apps. It will make the app hide & erase the personal info. Afterwards, you can reinstall the icon from the App Store. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t work for all Apple apps, for example the Health app, that you can use to track your calories and fitness while you exercise and keep your weight with the use of supplements from tophealth journal online, since there are many ways you can exercise; going to the gym, running or with equipment as the foam roller amazon at home.

Fresh lock screen behaviour


The camera button in the corner is moved out, but that does not imply that you can’t directly launch the camera from your lock screen. You need to just swipe left & *boom*, you’re in the camera.

Change the intensity of the flashlight


You can use 3D Touch in the control center panel to alter the intensity of the flashlight, if you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. Just perfect if you’re searching for your specs & someone is sleeping next to you.




Many new features are now packed in to the Messages app, the bubble effects being one. Long press the send button to access the bubble effects & crazy new laser screen effect.

Widgets on the home screen


After unlocking the phone, to access your widgets you need to swipe right on the home screen.

Quick action widgets

3D Touch has grown a lot more useful now. You can also launch a baby version of the app but just deep pressing on the app on the home screen. Thisisn’t just a shortcut; it’s an interactive mini-app. For example, PCalc shows a tiny calculator, the Weather app would provide the weather, Apple Maps automatically suggests your next stop&much more. Fast interactions with applications are now much quicker.

Customize contact cards


Contact cards have been restored. Particularly, you can personalize your favourite way to message or call someone. For an example, if you deep press on the “message” button, you can select a desired iMessage phone number or even a third-party messaging app.

Search in Photos


Anew Memories tab is featured in Photos with smart albums. Your iPhone also considers the content of your photos. With this new feature, you would be able to search for things in your photos. For example, if you are searching for “umbrella,” iOS will give you all the pictures from your library that has an umbrella.

Slack? Is that you?


This feature would let you react to a message with a heart, a thumbs up&much more. To access Tap back, double tap on a message. It’s an intelligent approach to react without generating a notification. Above all, it’s useful for group chats.

Split those Safari tabs into two


Safari is getting a much-needed feature, while there aren’t a lot of new features on the iPad. You can now drag a tab in Safari & drop it at the edge of your screen to divide your Safari window into two.

Where’s my car?


Apple Maps automagically knows where you parked your car. This feature is just best. You don’t have to do anything for this; Apple application adds a pin with your car on its own, once you have stopped driving.

Emojify all the things!


iOS now spontaneously highlights words, when you shift to the emoji keyboard in the Messages app. On tapping on the yellow words, they turn into beautiful emojis.



You can set your bedtime in your iPhone, if you are using the alarm clock. Furthermore, it also notifies you when it’s time to go to bed, along with waking you up at the same time every day. This feature also gives you insights into your sleep pattern.

And the best part…


Coming to the emojis, all iOS 10 emojis have been entirely restyled. And there are new ones!

For this reason alone, it’s worth installing iOS 10. And if you don’t want to dig around to search the new emojis, here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.

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