What to choose – Angular.js, Node.js, Ember.js, or Backbone.js

When you are starting from scratch, I think you need a very basic answer to this question. This blog will clear all your confusions regarding angular.js, node.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js. For understanding the comparison between web application frameworks, firstly we need to know the difference among front and server side programming.


While using any web application frameworks, whatever we see on our screen is front end, for instance, Facebook, twitter, Google pages etc. In earlier times, people used to design pages using simple HTML, thereafter came JavaScript & CSS. With JavaScript a lot of behaviour could be added to pages, like animations, pop ups, input validations and much more.


Later, some Libraries were developed for JavaScript, and jQuery being verys famous, developers found that it could do a lot of work with very less lines of code as jQuery is built over JavaScript. Nowadays, developers are using a famous JavaScript framework for front end development, Angular js. It lets you do a lot of tasks in less time & with very less lines of code.


The second part, Server side programming. You must be eager to know what kind of programming is done on the server side. Well, a server has a lot of tasks to do, and is located in any corner of the world. Server has to perform tasks like, fetching data from the database, processing that data as per the client requests, and sending the processed data to client side.The server side programming can be done in Node.js. It is a server side language, just like PHP. When the processed data is sent to the client, it is to be handled by the client side language for displaying and Angular does exactly the same.Angularjs and node are open source and targeted towards building web applications with javascripts, but of these web application frameworks differ in their architectures and working.

Talking about Ember apps, they had solid projects. But developing Backbone js applications became more popular and had such a good position, ember couldn’t surpass it. Angular does a lot of what Ember does, and became even easier than PHP.