Apple may unveil new 4-inch iPhone SE today; Targeted at Indian Customers

San Francisco: New iPhone and iPad models likely to be revealed today are meant at aiding Apple keep momentum in the fast-evolving mobile device marketplace.

The media meeting at the company’s intimate Town Hall auditorium in Silicon Valley will also give Apple another time to restate its case for fighting a US government request that it break into an attacker’s iPhone.


Apple is generally probable to release a small-screen iPhone to reassure replacement of the 5C and 5S models, which are having four-inch screens. The new-fangled device will be called the iPhone SE or 5SE.

This would benefit Apple in a conventionally slow term earlier the expected improvements to the large-screen iPhone 6 family later this year.

But then, in keeping with its practice, Apple has been reticent about what it will disclose.

A note on prints of the invites posted online merely states “Let us loop you in,” inciting some to wonder that new bands for the Apple Watch would be among the announcements.

A four-inch screen iPhone which boasts perfections under the hood could aid spur replacements.

Such an iPhone would be “an incremental positive” for Apple, making sure that fans of the company’s smaller smartphones don’t shift to competing devices driven by Android software, RBC Capital Markets said in a note to investors.

RBC expected that sales of a new device would score between 10 million to 15 million yearly, giving Apple followers a choice for upgrading before an iPhone 7 unveils late in the year.

The fresh iPhone will likely be valued to prop up the low-end of Apple’s line but not to race in the budget-priced smartphone market, as per analysts.

Of what Apple has in store for Monday, Ben Bajarin, Creative Strategies analyst said “I am not guessing a ton of surprises”.

“The main news will be pricing for the fresher iPhone.”

Current big-screen iPhones start at around $650 and if Apple drops the rate for the new device, it may be able to grow to new sections of consumers.

In a blog post, Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said “I suspect this is far more about enhancing off-season sales than it is about introducing a new iPhone at a vividly lesser price point”.

But Dawson said the new device could be rated as low as $450 without subsidy to help Apple make inroads in new markets.

This would allow Apple to sell refurbished iPhones at $250 to $350, as per Dawson and “all of a sudden lets the iPhone to hit price points it’s never been able to hit before, which in turn could make it more feasible in marketplaces like India.”

Reports also states that Apple is dignified to introduce a new iPad custom-made for use by companies.



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