Apple iPhone7 launch: Things to expect

The iPhone 7, which is likely to be shown in the fall instead in March, will be a complete 1mm slimmer than the iPhone 6S. The device will probably come sans a headphone jack, but it could have stereo speakers like iPad Pro.

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone7 will accompany a new design which will be impressively 1mm slimmer than iPhone 6s.

With 1mm slimmer than iPhone 6s, the new iPhone7 could measure just 6.1mm, which would make it the thinnest iPhone to date, & also one of the slimmest smartphones on the market nowadays. The Galaxy S7, its main competitor measures 7.9mm, which is 1.1mm extra than Galaxy S6 of last year’s launch.

Rumours are also appealing that iPhone 7 will also feature with a waterproof chassis. Though, the latest rumour directs that it is likely to come about. On the other hand, the Japanese blog has specified the iPhone7 will be wearing similar width and height as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 devices.

Earlier in September, Apple was not able to publicise that the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s are the slimmest iPhones ever. Actually, they are a little bit larger than their respective ancestors, for the reason that they had to embrace in the constituents to power 3D Touch and some extra-thick aluminium reinforcement round the most bend-prone areas.

Consequently, for the iPhone 7 we suspect that the enterprise may like to slim a few millimetres. A clue that thinness is still on its designers’ mind and one way it can do this, is a newly approved patent, number 9,142,908, for a cut-down headphone connector.

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