Apple is Making Its Own Graphic Chips for All upcoming iPhones

Apple is one and only phone makers to develop its own mobile processors, as per the recent news, now it appears that the U.S. firm will go one step further and design the graphics component itself, too.

Apple is tight-lipped concerning the technology that powers its products, however long-time partner Imagination Technologies has disclosed that Apple has told it that it’ll cease to use its intellectual property for GPU chips within 15-24 months. That’s speciously because it wants to use its own home-spun substitute.

Imagination said in a statement – “Apple has declared that it has been working on a separate, independent graphics design in order to regulate its products and will be reducing its future dependence on Imagination’s technology”.

While the view of a custom GPU will excite iPhone fans for potential performance gains, it is a enormous blow for the British tech firm. Many of Apple’s partners, it has come to depend on the iPhone-maker for the majority of its income. Indeed, Reuters reports that its share price has leaped by 69 percent on the back of this disclosure.

Around a year ago, in a rare disclosure, Apple confirmed reports that it considered buying Imagination. No deal was reached and after six months, MacRumors reported that Apple had poached some of engineers, apparently to get this graphics project off the ground.

It’s rare for Apple dealers to come up in public with intimate details in this way, and it’s like Imagination is steeling itself for a possible patent battle. The firm has said in its statement that it believes “it would be very challenging” for Apple to develop its own GPU without infringing on its IP.

“Apple’s announcement has led Imagination to discuss with Apple potential substitute commercial arrangements for the current license and royalty agreement,’” the firm added, hinting that the two could reach an arrangement in the future.

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